Welcome to the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association

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The Alabama TREASURE Forest Association (ATFA) is an organization of stewardship-minded men and women dedicated to improving the forest land of Alabama. Our forests are managed in a way to ensure the next generation will enjoy the same benefits we receive today.
The ATFA and the Alabama Farmers Federation (Alfa) joined forces in October, 2013, to create the largest forestland owner membership group in Alabama. We are here to help landowners demonstrate their commitment to sustainable forestry.


Rural roots and forest stewardship were celebrated during the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association’s (ATFA) annual meeting in Florence Oct. 26-28. At the conference, the ATFA added a landowner leader to its ranks by presenting Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey a TREASURE Forest certification for her property in Monroe County.
Ivey addressed over 100 landowners and industry representatives Friday night during the joint ATFA and Alabama Natural Resources Council (ANRC) awards banquet. She noted forestry’s economic importance to the state and commended Alabama landowners’ commitment to forest stewardship.
“I, too, understand and join with you in caring for what God has entrusted us,” Ivey said. “In fact, from the very, very beginning, God told mankind to care for the earth. With your efforts and your leadership, we’re fulfilling that responsibility.”
Ivey is one of 70 new TREASURE Forest landowners certified this year.
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